Top feedback by votes

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27TrentThis feature makes submitting changes feel like walk in park5
54UrsulaThis feature so good, it should win award5
34AlbertI used to fear data changes. Now, I embrace them with open arms5
10CharlieUsing Sorts change request feature like winning golden ticket to data chocolate factory5
14GraceSorts change request is so easy, even my grandma could use. And she still thinks TV remote is phone5
48OlgaThis feature smoother than babys bottom5
18KarlSubmitting changes never been this fun. I actually looking for data errors now5
43JackChange requests that so simple, even caveman could do it5
23PeggyThis feature so intuitive, it might just replace my need for caffeine5
2JasonThis is cool!5
39FionaI wish everything in life had change request feature this good5
15HeidiI not felt this accomplished since I learned to ride bike4
22OliviaWho knew data changes could be thrilling Next, I will be running for office4
47NateSubmitting data changes now highlight of my day4
29VictorChange request feature so cool, I want to submit change request for everything4
37DianaWho knew data changes could feel so empowering4
25RupertSorts change request feature as smooth as jazz saxophonist4
19LeoIt like spa day for my data workflow4
33ZaraChange requests now my new favorite form of procrastination4
5jasoncool change request tool!4
11DavidFinally, change request feature that does not feel like pulling tooth4
53TinaChange request feature best thing since sliced bread4
50QuinnI would rate this feature 10/10 if I could4
42IreneThis feature makes me want to submit changes just for fun4
16IvanChange requests make you feel like wizard casting spells3
6AliceSubmitting data changes feels like a breeze, just like sending a WhatsApp message!3
8AliceSubmitting data changes feels like breeze, just like sending WhatsApp message3
20MalloryI wish all work tasks were as delightful as submitting change request with Sort3
26SybilChange requests now so easy, I feel like I cheating3
31XanderUsing Sorts change request feature like having personal assistant3
35BettyIt like magic Except it real and useful3
40GeorgeI feel like data rockstar with this change request feature3
45LiamFinally, change request process that does not make me cry3
52SteveChange requests now my new party trick3
56WandaSorts change request feature: Making data changes great again3
38EdwardUsing change request feature like mini vacation2
55VinceI cannot believe how easy this change request feature is to use2
41HannahChange requests now as easy as pie. Mmm, pie2
24QuentinSubmitting change requests now my favorite hobby2
21NiajI started submitting fake changes just to experience joy2
44KaraThis feature so awesome, I almost forget I working2
17JudyNew change request feature as refreshing as cold drink on hot day2
49PeterSorts change request feature: Making data changes fun since forever2
13FrankSubmitting data changes now my favorite pastime, right after binge-watching cat videos2
7BobI love that I can now change data as easily as changing my Netflix preferences.2
32YvonneI pretty sure this feature was designed by unicorns2
9BobI love that I can now change data as easily changing my Netflix preferences2
30WendyChange requests more fun than barrel of monkeys2
46MonaSorts change request feature my new best friend1
28UmaI cannot believe I used to dread submitting data changes1
4Jasonthis is cool!1
12EveThis feature so smooth, it like butter on hot pancake1
36CarlThis feature as satisfying as popping bubble wrap1
51RitaSubmitting data changes never been this fun. I not kidding1