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    Better data through collaboration

    Data collaboration tool for small teams to share and improve their data.

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    A better way to improve data quality

    Connect data sources

    Connect your existing database

    Quickly and securely connect to your existing Postgres and Snowflake database.

    Collaborate on data

    Collaborate with your colleagues

    Invite colleagues (or community) to find issues, share queries, and submit change requests.

    Confirm data quality

    Confirm changes to your data

    Approve data changes and apply them directly to your database from a powerful intuitive interface.

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    Ditch time-consuming tasks

    Sort provides a single, powerful interface to explore your databases, share queries, apply change requests, and more with the ease of a spreadsheet.

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    Leverage the power of crowdsourcing

    Intuitive collaboration workflows allow you to engage your community to validate and enrich your data. Whether it's fixing inaccuracies, adding new data, or filling in holes, leverage your community to greatly improve the quality of your data.

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    Get better insights, faster!

    Bring internal teams together like never before. Invite colleagues to discover insights, report issues, exchange valuable queries, and more through a streamlined collaborative workflow.

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    Increase trust through transparency

    The integrity of your data is our top concern. Sort securely connects to your existing database and requires explicit admin approval to write to your system, maintaining a full history of changes.

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    Sort helps data-driven companies

    Propose database changes

    Example of Changes on Sort

    Users can propose changes to a database: corrections, additional rows, or fill in missing data. Nothing gets written to the database until an admin approves the change.

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    Manage database issues

    Example of Issues on Sort

    Create database issues to track specific improvements, answer complex query questions, brainstorm on how to improve a query, or ask a question. Label and categorise database issues.

    Share SQL queries and database access

    Example of Queries on Sort

    Document databases and share queries for using them. Easily showcase databases available, whether PostGres or Snowflake, all in a single interface.

    Provide transparency for database changes

    Example of Transparency on Sort

    Provide a full history of changes to a database. Improve transparency and peace of mind for database changes.

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    The hidden costs of poor data quality


    Less than 50% of companies are confident in their internal data quality”

    Marketing Week

    “An average of 4 working hours is being lost per employee per week in the IT department or data team due to the need to resolve issues related to preparing data for analysis”

    Snap Logic

    “Every year, poor data quality costs organizations an average$12.9M.”


    Better data through

    Data collaboration tool for small teams
    to share and improve their data.