Open Dental Sample Database

Open Dental Sample Database

Open Dental, also known as Open Dental Software, is a practice management software designed for dentists. It is widely recognized for its open-source nature.

The software is designed to manage various aspects of a dental practice, including patient records, appointments, treatment plans, billing, and insurance processing. It utilizes a complex schema with multiple interrelated tables to efficiently organize and handle diverse data types. This system is characterized by its emphasis on data normalization, use of primary and foreign keys for relational integrity, and implementation of indices for optimized query performance. Additionally, it incorporates stored procedures and triggers to streamline complex operations and automate certain database tasks.

From a software development perspective, Open Dental offers significant customization and integration capabilities, catering to a variety of dental office workflows and third-party tools. It supports API integration, allowing for extended functionality with external services and applications, including dental imaging software and communication platforms. The software has transitioned over time from an open-source model to a more conventional commercial software framework, but it still maintains an element of community-driven development and support. Security, a crucial aspect due to the sensitive nature of medical data, is addressed through measures like encryption and access control. Moreover, Open Dental's ongoing updates indicate an active development lifecycle, with enhancements focusing on usability, compliance with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA, and adapting to evolving technology trends, such as cloud-based solutions.

Open Dental Sample Database Size

  • 407 tables
  • 76k rows


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Patients with a balance
Patients with an estimated balance over $0
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Insurance claims sorted by service data
Sorted by date patient was seen
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Global fee schedules
Various services and their fee schedules