SF School Lottery

San Francisco Unifed School District (SFUSD) School Lottery Data - 5 Years

Data on San Francisco Unifed School District (SFUSD) lottery selections and outcomes. Data goes 5 years back for requests per seat/school/program, and 3 years back for fine grained school/program choices by rank.

Years available (more coming soon)

  • 2024 (2024-2025 school year)
  • 2023 (2023-2024 school year)
  • 2022 (2022-2023 school year)
  • 2021 (2021-2022 school year)
  • 2020 (2020-2021 school year, seats table only)
  • 2019 (2019-2020 school year, seats table only)


Shows the number of requests per available seat for each school, grade and program (TK, K, 6 and 9 only).

Some years may have incomplete data depending on the source PDF used.


1st-10th choice school requests, stored per year, school, program.

Program codes

  • GE for general education
  • Multiple program codes for each grade, ensure you are filtering correctly
  • Some years may not have program codes at all, filter by program name

Incorrect data

Please report inaccuracies to jason@sort.xyz so it may be promptly fixed. Inaccuracies may occur in program codes, program names, or general data input.


Jason Zucchettomotherly-hornet733
Jason Zucchettojasonz
For 2024, across San Francisco
Aaron Heckmannaheckmann
A demonstration of how to join the `seats` and `requests` tables.
Jason Zucchettojasonz
Number of total requests for Lowell HS in San Francisco
Jason Zucchettojasonz
2023 where program is GE
Jason Zucchettojasonz
Top requests per seat
Jason Zucchettojasonz
Sum of all first choices per year
Nimra Shahzadmuted-sardine514