AI and LLMs
When it comes to leveraging your organization's data for AI and LLMs, data quality is extremely important. Sort helps organizations improve data quality through:
Making databases accessible through a centralized data platform
Data issue management
Data change management
In addition to working to improve data quality within your organization, Sort enables data change management specifically for AI:
Validate data coming out of LLMs (before it reaches your database)
Ensuring LLMs are continually updated with only validated changes
Change management for AI generated data
Data generated by AI/LLMs can be incredibly valuable to an organization. However, LLMs are not deterministic so checks must be put in place to ensure the data they produce is valid.

Using the Sort API, AI generated data can be fed into a Change Request for review and validated by a person. For instance, when using AI to perform data quality checks and make suggestions for how to improve your database, it is important to verify the AI is updating the data correctly, or deny the update if it  suggests an invalid correction.
Webhooks for watching database changes
Similar to CI within Github, Sort will notify webhooks (coming soon) of changes to your databases. Changes to a database can trigger a host of AI use cases:
AI data validation and integrity checks
Incremental LLM fine tuning, e.g. updating a product catalog or support database
Notifying AI agents that their data source has changed
AI generated marketing or communications events
Approval workflows for mission critical data changes
Autopilot in airplanes is an incredibly valuable feature, with some systems capable of performing takeoffs and landings! Even as autopilot systems become more robust, we’ll always want to have a pilot in the cockpit to ensure a human can intervene when something goes wrong. This is also true of database changes, which can wreak havoc on a system or business if performed incorrectly. Using AI to initiate changes and humans to approve them is the ultimate combination for improving data operations efficiency.
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