Data Change Management
Managing data changes by hand is time consuming and error prone with changes often executed in isolation, with few checks and little visibility to your organization.
Sort makes changing critical data safe, adds collaboration to help spot errors, and provides a complete historical audit trail of changes to ensure accountability, transparency, security and compliance.
Leverage the power of the group

Your team, customers, or organization may know more about how to improve your data than you do. Leverage the power of the group by crowdsourcing data improvements, fixes, and additions to them. Allow everyone to easily propose updates to invalid data within your application either through the Sort web interface or by providing a custom solution using Sort's robust API. Whichever approach you take, Sort makes managing your entire data change workflow, from validation through execution, seamless.
Improve data quality
The easier it is to suggest data improvements, the more people can contribute. With more eyes on your data, more data quality issues can be caught and fixed - that's why Sort makes it easy for your organization to contribute to your data. And don’t worry about being overwhelmed by the volume of incoming changes, Sort allows you to keep it all managed so you can sleep well at night.
Make databases accessible
Most databases within an organization are not very accessible - they are usually hard to find, and often even harder to access. It’s common to see duplicated data across teams that had no knowledge of an existing database in the organization. By providing a workflow for data change management, multiple teams can easily write to a single database, see history between the two, and remove the need for maintaining their own systems.
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