Data Issue Management
Let's face it. Tracking data issues is painful. Beyond just the repetitive practice of cutting and pasting queries between systems - data issue tracking needs additional questions answered.
How do I connect to the database system?
How do I find the invalid data?
How do I show the current value and what it should be?
Who owns the database in question?
Who owns resolution of the Issue?
Who will close the Issue when the data is fixed?
Sort streamlines data issue management by allowing you to track issues directly in the database, right next to the data. Click on a row in a database, create an Issue, and thats it!
Your whole organization contributing together
Sort makes it easy for anyone in your organization, regardless of team or technical abilities, to create data Issues. Save time by using Sort to find the database owner, query the database, and report Issues. Stop copying data inconsistencies over to yet another tracking system, simply use Sort to meet these needs.
“An average of 4 working hours is being lost per employee per week in the IT department or data team due to the need to resolve issues related to preparing data for analysis”
Improve communication between Data Engineering and Data Analysis
Data engineering teams can be spread out globally, in different timezones and geographies from data analysts. By tracking Issues directly alongside the source data, communication between teams becomes a breeze. Add all your data-related teams to Sort to simplify your data resolution workflows.
Now teams can easily report Issues, discover what needs to be fixed, and minimize time spent resolving data inconsistencies - all database connection details, queries, and Issue details are automatically stored by Sort.
More Issues = Better Data
The easier it is to report data Issues, the more people will contribute. With more eyes on your data, more data quality Issues can be caught and fixed.
Data Issues Created
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